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The Dank Quest to find the weed that tastes amazing and

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

From the time I started growing in Denver, I was using bottled nutrients and the most expensive kind to grow my first round. Pour some money on it, it will do great right? Well it did pretty good, but did plenty of damage to my wallet. I decided I would go back to some of the nutrients I first started with. Bottled nutrients worked well but seemed to be finicky and I was always checking ph and ppm, trying to correct it and get it perfect. When I had to leave, someone had to mix ratios or something for my plants food. I needed to make this easy on myself. That is when I started getting into super soil. I was watching and learning from TGA subcool and based my first trial run with as close as I could get to his recipe. I used a water filter and would carry buckets to my plants. I really started to enjoy the simplicity, the fact I could leave it with anyone, and all they had to do was water with no mixing. I also didn’t need to ph or ppm anymore. All the buffering was done in the soil. This took all the guess work out and time to mix nutrients each night. Instead I mixed it once at the beginning of the grow and that was it. Back to genetics.. I tried a ton of freebies one year I can’t remembers all the strains. I’ll update it if I can, but it was a lot and none of them really stood out too much, which is why I can’t remember them. I remember I tried the Flo from DJ Short. They were nice looking colors but not as tasty as I would expect from Flo. I grew the Colorado Flo and it was way better IMO. I had Skunk11 and Maroc. I don’t remember all of them I had 24 different strains that year. The strains I started using after that which were keepers, besides a couple I already had as keepers, like Blue Euphoria, and an S1 from the Super Lemon Haze or (gnarly marly), were strains like OG 18 and Skywalker Kush. The next years I started growing Killer Skunk, No Name from Underground Originals, Gooeybreeder seeds purple mayhem( supposed to be pure gooey), However, the buds were solid purple and didn’t fit the description. Also was growing Tangerine Power from Sin City, Tangie( not tangerine power) Grape God, Dynamite, Purple Wreck, Flo OG, Sweet Poison. Along the way another group of freebies which were never keepers or good enough to remember. The Tangerine Power male went on to create Tangerine Power 2.0. which was a more stable version of the original and produced more a solid structure. The Tang Pow 2.0 was then introduced to the Killer Skunk. This is there the Killer Tang came from. I also used a Killer Skunk male to work with the Tangerine Power. That is where the Killer pheno comes in. I’m still not sure how to label it but basically one is heavier on Killer Skunk flavor and the other is heavier on Tangerine Power. The seeds are separate versions of the same genetics mixed together. I also hit the purple mayhem with the 2.0 and it created probably my favorite strain. The Gooeytang. From there I had some great ones, but had heard of the Gorilla Glue#4 going around and I needed to get it, So I did. I actually acquired 2 version of the Gorilla Glue and one did end up being slightly different. I also got a cut of Ogkb2.0 the forum cut winner. Sea FOUr a breeder I got the clones from, had what I believed to be a solid representation of Gorilla Glue #4 . I’ll never really know if it was the real deal, but out of two versions it was the better version. I took the S1s (which was like three in the entire plant) and stared working with them and came up with C4. I’m still working on getting that one out but I will hopefully be able to include some single seed freebies. I have a limited stock to work with of that And I want to make it count to protect the lineage. I also want to work it into some of the Purple Mayhem and the Tangerine Power 2.0 As well as the Killer Skunk. That is what I am going to be working with for now. Last year I tested some tasty treat seeds, Alaskan Thunderfuck and Chemdog Guava Creamsicle. No keepers from that. Also, I grew White Nightmare, from aficionados of cannabis Colorado. It was pretty good, but not stellar. I’ve tested quite a bit and if they don’t beat the keepers or compete with them, I don’t bother anymore with those. This years new hunt is coming from bag seed believe it or not. I have 8 GSC seeds out in the yard right now. Maybe I’ll get one keeper out of it. We shall see. The Tangerine Power 2.0 is in my yard, so is Gooeytang, Sweet poison 2.0, C4, Purple Wreck 2.0 , Dynamite 2.0, and Killer Tang. I will be posting some updates of those grows as well. Next, I can get into the evolution of how I’ve learned to compost and reuse soil. Preventatives for mold and pests, as well as techniques for stronger plants, and bigger yields... Well this night owl is out once again. Happy Growing!

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