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I have grown up in Colorado and usually growing up in the mountains. I had really good dank weed. Of course mexi and mids were always around for about 25 a 1/4 for mexi 40 for a quad of mids. And oh yes believe it or not kiddies we had dank, 20 plus years ago with the Paoni P bid, and the Crested Butte Diesel at 50 an 1/8. Same prices you see in dispensaries, we paid 20 years ago! Well I started growing about 20 years ago as well. Getting the in’s from the local kitchen staff I worked with who turned out to be a molecular biology professor. I was on my way to dankness :) The first light he gave me was a 480 low pressure sodium. cool enough for a closet grow. Any how he gave us his seeds he had accrued. Strains like blueberry, Northern lights, Big bud. It really turned out great. I remember getting sad when my kitchen conworker turned awesome buddy wanted some of the stash. But I was thankful for the experience. Years went on and no growing. Then legalization hit. After a couple years I was growing again in a loft of an apartment. Turned out to be good stuff. I remember it was hollands hope, Durban poison, an exotic blueberry, orange, and I think that was it. Next round I added g 13, lime skunk I think, and some others I can’t remember... Those we’re grown with 4 thousand watts of power. The first grow I had 2 thousand and then added and collaborated with my old roommate with his two.. If you have to to learn share equipment. but I would recommend buying it since I’m many places it’s legal now. I will get in further, but for now I wanted to share of how I learned to become a grower over 20 years ago. I wanted to describe some of my background and the influence of good marijuana in our local valley. After I left the valley, I moved in with growers who had a full basement. Part of it hydro and some dirt. I learned quite a bit about nutrient mixes and the entire seed to finish process. With more than 8 thousand watts. PlusI had to learn the trimming and curing process. I grew strains like Diesel, Colorado Flo, Shiva, Golden Goat, Strawberry Cough, Bubble Gum, and others I can’t remember. I do remember that the Colorado Flo was my favorite from that time. Then I ended up starting my own thing. I grew super lemon haze, also called Gnarly Marly. King Chem, Chem Dog, White Widow... Then I started ordering seeds, quite a bit. I am getting tired so I will talk more later about the other strains I grew and how I developed these seeds I have here. These seeds are aimed to please, well, me... And now I’ll be sharing with customers who want them. I will come back and talk about the next 7 years I grew up until present. I will discuss my favorites and the many strains I’ve grown and why I selected them for my projects. Until then.....

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